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Elements of Lesson Plans | Working with Objects | Working with Documents

Here you will find brief overviews of skills and methods for interpreting primary sources and developing primary source-based activities and lesson plans.

Elements of Lesson Plans

Primary Sources - An Introduction
Here you will find a full primer about the importance of Primary Sources. This is documentation that every teacher should know.

Creating Primary Source-Based Lessons to Teach Historical Content And Skills: A Non-Linear Approach

Developing Guiding Questions

Using Guiding Questions to Teach Research Skills

Guide to Pairing Sources in the Classroom

Devising Lesson Modifications and Extensions

Lesson Plan Walk-Through: The Great Migration
This powerpoint presentation accompanies a lesson plan on the Great Migration
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Working with Objects

Guide to researching objects

Thinking About Photographs as Historical Evidence

Working with Photographs and Text

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Working with Documents

Guide to researching deeds for Salem



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