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Primary Sources

Educators' Guide
This resource for the American collections at the Peabody Essex Museum was designed by Salem in History to meet the needs of educators who wish to embrace the use of visual material in their curriculum View the guide.

Major Digital Primary Source Collections
Click here for a list of comprehensive sites that offer a broad selection of primary sources that may be useful for teaching a diverse range of topics.

Primary Sources by Program Topic

US/World: American Foreign Relations

The Long Road to Lexington: Networks of Resistance in colonial Massachusetts (Spring 2005)

They Burned the White House?: What was the War of 1812 all about? (Spring 2005)

Into the Quagmire: Vietnam (Spring 2005)

American Political Thought

The Constitutional Convention and the Debate over Ratification (Fall 2005)

The New Deal: Expanding Government in Time of Need (Fall 2005)

The Reconstruction Amendments and Their Legacy (Fall 2005)

Social Changes and Social Reform

Abolitionism (Spring 2004)

City Upon a Hill: Colonists as Reformers (Spring 2004)

Immigration, Urbanization, Americanization and the Settlement House Movement (Spring 2004)

The Civil Rights Movement, SNCC and the Making of Eyes on the Prize (Spring 2004)

Women's Rights and Women's Equality (Spring 2004)

Childhood in Colonial New England (Summer 2006)

Horace Mann and the Rise of Public Education in America (Summer 2006)

Amusing the Million: Mass Culture and Leisure at the Turn of the 20th Century (Summer 2006)

“New” Immigrants and the Polish Community in Salem (Summer 2006)

Immigration & Migration

People of the First Light: Wampanoag History (Fall 2004)

The Vanishing Indian: Removal, Relocation, Reservations and Representation in the 19th Century (Spring 2005)

The Great Migration: African Americans and the Growth of the Urban North (Fall 2004)

An Industrious People

Women and Work in Colonial New England (Summer 2005)

Building Wealth Through the China and East Indies Trade (Summer 2005)

"Ten Footers" and Factories: Industrial Growth in the Antebellum North
(Summer 2005)

Consumer Culture & Consumption Landscape in Post-War America
(Summer 2005)

Upstairs/Downstairs: Domestic Servants and Mistresses in 19th and 20th Century America (Spring 2006)

Farmers and Fishermen: Work in Essex County 1650 – 1850 (Spring 2006)

“Westward Ho:” Westward Migration in the 1840s and 50s: Who, Where, Why, How? (Spring 2006)

Salem As Place

Salem as Frontier Outpost: Life in Seventeenth Century Salem (Summer 2004)

Salem in the World, the World in Salem: Salem in the Early Republic and the East Indies Trade (Summer 2004)

Workers in a Global City: Work, Workers, and Immigrants in 20th century Salem
(Summer 2004)

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