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Lesson Plan Showcase

May 19, 2005
3:30 – 6:00pm (hors d’oeuvres Reception until 6:30)
Enterprise Center, Salem State College (Training Room B)


  • To share with your colleagues the work you have done this year.
  • To provide an opportunity for cohort members to discuss/offer suggestions about strategies, sources and approaches.
  • To end the Fall/Spring portion of SIH 2004-2005 on a relaxed, positive note.

Structure of Afternoon:

  • Each teacher will present for 5 minutes. (we will enforce time limits)
  • Presentations will be grouped by SIH topic. You must arrive on time, as we will be announcing the groupings on the 19th.
  • After each topical group presents, a brief Q & A session will follow.

Structure of Each Presentation: (Please adhere to this as closely as possible)

  • Introduce title of Lesson Plan, SIH theme and topic lesson is connected to, grade level lesson is designed for, and the Frameworks Standards it connects to (Content AND Concepts/Skills)
  • Summarize/provide overview of the lesson
  • Discuss objectives (both content and concept/skills)
  • Discuss the primary source(s) you use in the lesson and how you use them to achieve your objectives
  • If time, please discuss assessment tool(s)
  • If you have time left over, you may add any additional information you like.

What to bring with you on the 19th:

  • 30 copies of a 1 page handout and attach primary sources (handout should reference the items listed in “Structure of Each Presentation” above.)
  • A complete copy of your lesson plan – should you need to refer to it, or should someone ask to take a look at it.


After the final presentations we will relax and celebrate with a reception until 6:30! Please stay and enjoy!


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