SALEM in History

Optional Field Trips
Spring 2006

General Information:

1.  Each field trip will last a full school day; specific start/end times are listed below.

2.  Teachers will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the site.  (You will be reimbursed for mileage).  Maps and directions will be made available prior to the day of the event.

3.  Each field trip will be capped at 15 teachers.

4.  Registration will close 2 WEEKS before each field trip. You may register by emailing or calling Carney directly.

5.  Your remaining SIH “research days” may be used to cover your absence on field trip days.  (You are responsible for notifying the Sub Line about your absence)

Dates and Descriptions:

(please check the relevant websites for more information about each museum)

1.National Heritage Museum, Lexington, MA
Tuesday February 28, 2006
10:00-2:30 (Bring money to purchase lunch)

The National Heritage Museum is a museum of American history and culture.  The museum offers an impressive array of changing exhibits on a wide range of topics.  To connect with our Spring topic “Upstairs/Downstairs”, our visit will focus on a special exhibit:  “Blue Monday: Doing Laundry in America.”  The exhibit “tells the story of how domestic technology, gender roles, and consumer culture have met and mixed around a ubiquitous household task.” We will take a tour of the history of laundry from the 1700s through the present and meet with the museum’s education coordinator to discuss programs for students. We will also meet with a librarian to look at some of the primary sources available in their archives.

2.  Cape Ann Historical Museum, Gloucester, MA
and Essex Shipbuilding Museum, Essex, MA
Thursday March 9, 2006
10:00-3:00 (Bring money to purchase lunch)

The Cape Ann Historical Museum, located in America’s oldest fishing port, is a museum of American Maritime History as well as fine and decorative arts. To connect with our Spring topic “Farmers and Fishermen”, our visit will focus on the fisheries and maritime galleries. We will also spend time with the education coordinator to learn about programs for students and visit the archives to examine some primary documents. After lunch we will move on to the Essex Shipbuilding Museum which seeks to preserve the wooden shipbuilding industry through its display of “antique shipbuilding tools, photographs, documents, and exhibits portraying the shipbuilding industry.”  The education coordinator will provide an overview of some of the hands-on programs for children as well as offer a more in-depth view of the history of the local fishing industry.



SIGN UP SHEET (Tear off and return to Carney – or e-mail her with your request)

Please sign me up for the following field trip(s)

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___National Heritage Museum (Tuesday, February 28)

___Cape Ann Historical Museum and Essex Shipbuilding Museum (Thursday, March 9)