In this section are objects and architecture related to the people who participated in Salem’s famed “Golden Age” of sail and trade. wwww

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Salem Marine Society Certificate..., 31 Jan. 1839
Social and charitable associations such as the Salem Marine Society (founded in 1766 - one of the oldest in the country) formed to aid the families of members in case of sailors’ illness or death.

Salem Marine Society Certificate: Guide

Crowninshield's Wharf, 1806
Rather than considering this painting as a view of a typical work, it should be seen as a pristine view of the Crowninshield’s wealth and accomplishment.

Crowninshield's Wharf: Guide

Portrait of Elias Hasket Derby, 1800-25
By making shrewd and bold business decisions, Salem merchant Elias Haskett Derby became America’s first millionaire.

Elias Hasket Derby: Guide

Engraved Printing Plate for Chart of Salem Harbor, ca. 1806
Nathaniel Bowditch expanded navigational tables and also published navigational maps of Beverly, Salem, Marblehead, and Manchester Harbors. 
Engraved Printing Plate: Guide
Gardner-Pingree House, 1804
This Federal-period home was designed by Samuel McIntire (1757-1811) for John Gardner (1771-1847), who made his fortune in maritime trade.
Gardner-Pingree: Guide
Crowninshield-Bentley House, c. 1727
The Crowninshield-Bentley house was built for Captain John Crowninshield, and four generations of that family lived in the home until the 1830s.
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Model of the 1797 Ship Friendship, c. 1804
During the long off-duty hours that sailors endured on extended voyages, it was common to commemorate a voyage by building a model or drawing images of the vessel on which they served.
Friendship: Guide
Salem Common on Training Day, 1808
Salem Common was once used as pasture for farm animals, and also as a practice area for military training.
Salem Common on Training Day: Guide
USS Wasp and HMS Frolic, c. 1815
The artistic interpretations of naval engagements by Thomas Birch were well known and popular during the War of 1812.
Wasp and Frolic: Guide
Pair of Vases..., 1817
The USS Constitution, nicknamed “Old Ironsides,” was one of six original frigates in the U.S. Navy, and was constructed in Boston.
Pair of Vases: Guide
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