This educators' guide for the American collections at the Peabody Essex Museum was designed by Salem in History to meet the needs of educators who wish to embrace the use of visual material in their curriculum. More...

The city of Salem, Massachusetts was founded in 1626, but Native Americans lived in the region for thousands of years before that date.  Explore Salem to 1776. wwww

Pre-Contact to Revolution

In this section are objects and architecture related to the people who participated in Salem’s “Golden Age” of sail and trade. wwww

Federal Period

This section represents westward migration, efforts to expand the rights of African Americans, and economic expansion. wwww

Mid-Century Expansion

There are two groups of objects in this category.  The first selection of objects suggest the tremendous changes that were taking place at the turn of the 19th to 20th century. The second group of images suggest that the past is always with us as we speed into the future. wwww

Turning the Century: Innovation & Change
Turning the Century: Innovation & Change Federal Period Pre-Contact to Revolution Mid-Century Expansion