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The Long Road to Lexington: Networks of Resistance in Colonial Massachusetts

Theme: The United States and the World: American Foreign Relations
Topic: The Long Road to Lexington: Networks of Resistance in Colonial Massachusetts
Date: February 2005

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2003 Massachusetts History and Social Studies Curriculum Framework Connections (Learning Standards):

3.5: Explain important political, economic, and military developments leading to and during the American Revolution

5:14: Explain the development of colonial governments and describe how these developments contributed to the Revolution

5.15: Explain the reasons for the French and Indian War, how it led to an overhaul of British imperial policy, and the colonial response to these policies.

5.16: Explain the meaning of the key ideas on equality, natural rights, the rule of law, and the purpose of government contained in the Declaration of Independence.

5:17: Describe the major battles of the Revolution and explain the factors leading up to American victory and British defeat.

USI.1: Explain the political and economic factors that contributed to the American Revolution.

USI.2: Explain the historical and intellectual influences on the American Revolution and the formation and framework of the American government.

USI. 4: Analyze how Americans resisted British policies before 1775 and analyze the reasons for the American victory and the British defeat during the Revolutionary war.

USI. 5: Explain the role of Massachusetts in the Revolution, including important events that took place in Massachusetts and important leaders from Massachusetts.