FRIENDSHlP LOG ENTRY: On the Value of Water

November 4th: fine breezes and Clear Weather all this day, & smooth sea: some little reflection on the value of fresh water at sea induced me to make some Experiments for the produce of freshwater from salt, & I have found very much to my satisfaction, that with little trouble it will yield Good fresh water only with the assistance of my ships small Boiler, to supply my ships Company in necesitous circumstances my Carpenter fited a Cover to the Boiler, with a pipe perpendicular to the cover of wood bored with an inch'/ auger(?) on the top of wich I had a Box fitt.

Latt'd 23 degrees 34' (minutes) Long'd 20 degrees 12' (minutes)

From Log Book of the Ship Friendship, Master Israel Williams. On a voyage to Europe, 1797. She may be positioned West of Africa between the Canary and Cape Verde Islands. Courtesy of the Peabody Essex Museum, James Duncan Philips Library (microfilm series 91, reel 3, 1798F). KKD93