FRIENDSHIP LOG ENTRY: Close Encounters on the First Two Voyages

Latt'd 49d Long'd 9d

13' 21'

Towards Europe 1800...

July 5th Begins with gentle breezes & cloudy at 1/2 past 1pm saw a ship stand'g to the Westw'd at 2pm saw 3 ships bear'g: N B E Running Down for us at 5 saw a sch'r stand'g to the Southw at 6pm one of the ships gave chase to her the other 2 keep steady after us at 8 the ships bore NW at 9 lost sight of them, at day light the 2 ships in chase right astern at 4 the headmost gave us a Gun & hoisted English Colours at 1/2 pst 4 another shot wich Dropped far a head they proved to be his Majesty's sloops of war (ship Hazard) capt Butterfield, & Brig penguin Capt Littlehales the former 16 and the Latter 18 nine pounders they treated us politely and lett us proceed with only a few minutes detention soon after spoke a ship from Liverpool Bound to N York Long'd 10d 15' W.

Latt'd 24d Long'd 68d

6' 59'

Nov 6th Begins with pleasant Weather, at 5am saw a schooner runn'g to the NW B N, but soon pass'd her at 8am she was just in sight latter part several sail in sight to the NE stand'g to the Westward

Latt'd 25d 26' Long'd 69d 23'

November 7th Begins with pleasant Weather, and light Winds, at 2pm a Brig cross'd our bow about 2 Leagues ahead of us, she had Yellow sides & a Tier of Guns, at 1/2 past 5 we show'd him our Jack & gave him a shott, wich made him round too & show his coulors, wich where English, we then haul'd down our colours, he then fill'd(??) away fir'd a gun to Leeward & stood on his cours; no doubt pleased to find us no Enemy---Ends Calm----

Close Encounters on First Voyages Page Two

June 14th this day begins with Moderate Winds & smooth sea at 5 saw a small sloop, at 5pm, brot her too with a Gun, she prouved to be the Maria of New York Abraham Folger Master, bound to           he sent his boat on board of us, for Water, hoisted out our boat & went on board of him, he informed me that about 30 Leagues from the Capes of the Delaware, he was boarded by a French privateer schooner of 16 guns, who took from him, all his small stores, & all his water, save one small Caske, & then dismis'd him.

Sept'r 15th begins with Pleasant Weather & flying clouds, at 6PM Orchilla Bore from N B W 1/2 W N?E. Dist 3 or 4 Leagues, from 7 to 8 took in all the light sails, & run under the Top sails during the night, stear'd SW B S, wich course with a lee Current will carry a ship from the East End. Orchilla quite down to (La Guyra), I would advise a friend in a common sail'g vessel to steer over S Sw to S SW 1/2 W you better be 5 Leagues to Wind then one to leeward, altho during 6 weeks I lay in La Guyra, the Curr't sett mostly to the Eastw'd strong at daylight saw a brig stand'g off the land after us who proved, to be, English brig Dilligence, capt Menby who treated, us with the politeness of a gentleman---

(up the side of the page) run Down the coast, after daylight within 2 Leag's of shore, at 1/2 pst lOam came to anchor in La Guyra roade, in 8 fth's water, found 2 American Ships & a brig here & several Spanish vessels, could not have my ship untill the visit boat came on board.

All courtesy of Peabody Essex Museum, James Duncan Philips Library (microfilm series 91, reels 3.7.9 passim). Voyages to India, Hamburg, Gibraltar different years.