Portrait of Sarah Carol Moses (1738-1835)  and her daughter Betsy (b. 1780.), ca. 1786
Benjamin Blyth
Salem, MA
Oil on Canvas
Peabody Essex Museum 121031

"Blyth was born in Salem, Massachusetts, and is known chiefly for his finely drawn pastel portraits dating from the Revolutionary War period.  Although he later advertised that he did "limning in Oil, Crayon, and Miniature," only a few of his oil portraits are known. He left the Salem area for Virginia in the early 1780's and died in Ohio.  Sarah Carroll (1738-1835) married Benjamin Moses in 1761.  She is shown here with her ninth child, Betsy (b. 1780), who is clasping a silver and coral whistle."
Quoted from  In the American Spirit.