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City Upon A Hill: Colonists As Reformers

Theme: Social Changes and Social Reform
Topic: City Upon a Hill: Colonists as Reformers
Date: March 2004

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2003 Massachusetts History and Social Science Framework Connections (Learning Standards):

3.4: Explain how the Puritans and Pilgrims differed and identify early leaders in Massachusetts, such as John Winthrop; describe the daily life, education, and work of the Puritans in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

5.7: Identify some of the major leaders and groups responsible for the founding of the original colonies in North America.

5.8: Identify the links between the political principals and practices developed in ancient Greece and such political institutions and practices as written constitutions and town meetings of the Puritans.

5.9: Explain the reasons that the language, political institutions, and political principals of what became the United States of America were largely shaped by English colonists even though other major European nations also explored the New World.

5.10: On a map of North America, identify the first 13 colonies and describe how regional differences in climate, types of farming, populations, and sources of labor shaped their economies and societies through the 18th centuries