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Salem as Place: Local History in a National Context

There are few, if any, better places in the country to study American history than the North Shore of Boston. Here in Salem we are blessed with an incredible abundance of historical sources, and by studying this theme we will become more able to use these local materials (buildings, documents, paintings, images, literature, ships, archeology, and more) to teach national themes. While we will use local materials when examining the other content themes as well, this theme will allow for a more systematic and detailed examination of Salem's history.

Topics Within This Theme

Salem as Frontier Outpost: Life in Seventeenth Century Salem (July 2004)

Salem in the World, the World in Salem: Salem in the Early Republic and the East Indies Trade (July 2004)

Workers in a Global City: Work, Workers, and Immigrants in 20th century Salem
(July 2004)