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Primary Source Activities:

Here you will find primary source-based activities created by SALEM in History participants and staff. While they are correlated with the 2003 Massachusetts History and Social Studies Curriculum Frameworks, they are short examples of how to use primary sources effectively in the classroom. Each activity can be completed within one class period. Please click here to view complete lesson plans.

Name of Activity/Author Main Primary Source Used in Activity

Colonial America: Writing Our History
Anna Kichorowsky/Abaigeal Duda

Declaration of Independence


Colonial Childhood Games and Toys
Anna Kichorowsky                      

John Ward House, ca.1684

Bangwell Putt rag doll, 1765-1775

- 3

The Great Gale of 1846: Maritime Madness in Marblehead
Mark Harrison

The Great Gale of 1846, ca. 1850