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An Industrious People: American Economic History

American economic history, broadly conceived, is essential to understanding not just the workings of today's economy but the important changes over time in American politics, society, and culture. "An Industrious People" allows participants to discuss the historic context of economic developments, the economic factors involved in different political and social issues, and the ways Americans have reacted, adapted to, or protested these developments.

Topics Within This Theme

Women and Work in Colonial New England

From “10 Footers” to Factories: Industrial Growth in the Antebellum North

Building Wealth Through the China and East Indies Trade

Consumer Culture and Consumption Landscapes in Post-War America

Upstairs/Downstairs: Domestic Servants and Mistresses in 19th and 20th Century America

Farmers and Fishermen: Work in Essex County 1650 – 1850

“Westward Ho:” Westward Migration in the 1840s and 50s: Who, Where, Why, How?