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The Vanishing Indian: Removal, Relocation, Reservations and Representation in the 19th century

Theme: The Peopling of America: Migration and Immigration
Topic: “The Vanishing Indian”: Removal, Relocation. Reservations and Representation in the 19th Century
Date: January 2005

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2003 Massachusetts History and Social Studies Curriculum Framework Connections (Learning Standards)

1.8: After reading or listening to stories about famous Americans of different ethnic groups, faiths, and historical periods, describe their qualities or distinctive traits.

4.15: Describe the diverse nature of the American people by identifying the distinctive contributions to American culture of:

A. at least three indigenous peoples in different areas of the country.

5.34: Explain the reasons that pioneers moved west from the beginning to the middle of the 19th century, and describe their lives on the frontier.

USI.23: Describe the election of 1828, the importance of Jacksonian democracy, and Jackson’s actions as President:

A. Jackson’s policy of Indian Removal

USI.26: Describe the causes, course, and consequences of America’s westward expansion and its growing diplomatic assertiveness. Use a map of North America to trace America’s expansion to the Civil War, including the location of the Santa Fe and Oregon trails.

USII. 4: Analyze the causes of the continuing westward expansion of the American people after the Civil War and the impact of this migration on the Indians.