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The Great Migration: African Americans and the Growth of the Urban North

Theme: The Peopling of America: Migration and Immigration
Topic: The Great Migration:
African Americans and the Growth of the Urban North
Date: December 2004

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2003 Massachusetts History and Social Studies Framework Connections (Learning Standards):

4.15:Describe the diverse nature of the American people by identifying the distinctive contributions to American culture of:

D. African Americans, including an explanation of their early concentration in the South because of slavery and the Great Migration to northern cities in the 20th century, and recent African immigrant groups (e.g., Ethiopian) and where they tended to settle in large numbers.

USI.41: Explain the policies and consequences of Reconstruction

E. The Accomplishments and failures of Radical Reconstruction
G. the rise of Jim Crow laws
H. the Supreme Court case, Plessy v. Ferguson

USII.2: Explain the important consequences of the Industrial Revolution

C. the expansion of cities

USII.5: Explain the formation and goals of unions as well as the rise of radical political parties during the Industrial era

USII.6: Analyze the causes and course of America's growing role in world affairs from the Civil War to World War I

J. American entry into World War I

USII.9: Analyze the post-Civil War struggles of African Americans and women to gain basic civil rights

USII.10: Describe how the battle between traditionalism and modernity manifested itself in the major historical trends and events after World War I and throughout the 1920s.

D. racial and ethnic tensions

USII.25: Analyze the origins, goals, and key events of the Civil Rights movement